The following work for Zenexus encapsulates a wide gamut of their products, which hav been 3D modelled, textured and rendered for various scenarios. The goal was to reproduce all products in 3D to save time on photography and physical scene preparation. Additionally, being able to quickly put together scenes with same day turnaround proved useful for turning over work at a moments notice. Zenexus products can be found within Bunnings Warehouse.

Flexi Storage Wardrobes are an easy to build modular based wardrobe system. In-situ renders were created to update their existing packaging and used for marketing purposes. Product renders were created for their entire range, which are in use throughout their product pages online.

Clever Cube are a popular storage solution seen throughout many homes. In-situ renders were created to be used on packaging. Product renders were also created to be used on individual product pages for their entire range.

Rack It required numerous in-situ shots and product visualisations. The products had to be technically accurate, which required care to make sure they were modelled and textured accurately.

In addition to the realistic 3D models created for Zenexus, their entire product range has been created as augmented reality models which can be used to visualise how their products would look within a home, garage or office.

Dennis Ioannou