UX/UI, Branding


Popless is a new and innovative online platform designed to provide a seamless, integrated tutoring and mentoring experience. As seen with technology-based start-ups, it can be difficult to tap into a new market with a limited budget. Allowing Popless to utilise best-practice user experience and user interface design to create a platform aimed at connecting and encouraging individuals to reach out for guidance in upskilling and creating communities is the aim for this project.

You can view the Popless website here.

After a year and a half of development, Popless has launched in September 2022 in a beta state to the Western market. With a review of the current field of online booking systems, this product has minimal steps which turns finding and booking tutors in to a stress-free, simple experience. The benefits of this project allow for easier onboarding and a to-the-point mentality. This new experience paves the way for users around the world to not only promote and sell their skills in a global setting, but allow them to find, engage and develop their own communities and generate an income while doing so. This fosters a new and exciting way in which social platforms can be integrated within a marketplace, unique to what already exists.

Deliverables included a brand for Popless, UX and UI design of an entire web application optimised for both desktop and mobile, and marketing collateral such as digital advertisements.

Dennis Ioannou