Branding, Visualisation

Avant Garden

The Avant Garden is a multi-platform, roaming structure that will house cutting-edge creative programming and exchange in a festival atmosphere in various locations throughout Geelong and then across regional Victoria.

You can view Avant Garden website here.

Branding for Avant Garden started early on in the project, making sure the vision of The Garden was correct from the get-go. Following this, visual mockups were created of what Avant Garden could look like, along with an augmented reality model to be used in Geelong Design Week 2022.

The brand identity aims to encapsulate a fresh, futuristic take on what an interactive publish structure might look like, without falling into the typical tropes of futuristic, sci-fi design. Initial planning for the design of these structures paved the way for organic shapes to be the focus point of what Avant Garden aims to be.

Deliverables for this project included a complete brand with collateral to be used across multiple channels, 3D visualisations of the structure and a Wordpress developed website.

Dennis Ioannou